The primary functions of our Board of Directors are:

1) Guiding the direction of Not Easily Broken so that it remains focused, on track, and within the will of God.

2) Advocating for partnerships and opportunities that would allow Not Easily Broken to grow its connections to the community.

3) Providing accountability for the finances of Not Easily Broken, ensuring that the generous donations of people like you are used ethically and responsibly.

Being on the board of directors is no small commitment. They are warriors, armed with both sword and shield. They help us manage our time and resources, care for us, encourage us, support us, and offer criticism when necessary. They remind us to take breaks and care for ourselves. They are our champions, spurring us further into the will of God. They are our support when we are tired or when our faith is weak. In short, they are our trusted guide.


Paul Morales

Paul Morales

president & chair

In addition to serving as the Executive Director of Not Easily Broken Ministries, Paul is also a member of the board, and currently serves as its interim President & Chair. To find out more about his story, click MEET OUR STAFF at the bottom of the page.


Carly Morales

Secretary & Treasurer

In addition to serving as a Couples’ Mentor for Not Easily Broken Ministries, Carly is also a member of the board, and currently serves as its Interim Secretary and Treasurer. To find out more about her story, click MEET OUR STAFF at the bottom of the page.


Dan Burnham


Dan was born and raised in Denver, CO. After wanting to pursue careers varying from a Caveman at age 3 to stuntman as a teen, Dan finally found his vocation as a pastor. He has pastored in urban and rural settings since 2009. After graduating from Moody Bible Institute with a degree in Theology, Dan spent six years in the Air Force. He met his wife Cara after his service and they were married in 2010. He received his MDiv from Denver Seminary in 2013. He now he co-pastors with his wife in the Syracuse area. In his free time, Dan can be found baking, in his garden, or hanging out with his family. In a world so quick to divorce, Dan is thrilled with ministries like NEB dedicated to strengthening marriages in any and all stages.


Stacy Bice


Stacy was raised in central Illinois, in the small town of Lovington. She graduated from Illinois State University with a degree in Art Education. After teaching art for 16 years, she left education to buy and operate the Wire & Steam Coffee Company on the north side of Warsaw. Recently, Wire & Steam purchased the old Cafe Mod location off of US 30 on Warsaw's east side. As a child of divorce, Stacy is deeply committed to the healing and protecting of family dynamics across the country. She currently lives in Goshen with her husband, Chad, and her German Shepherd, Bella.


Elisa Wise


Elisa grew up in the small town of Jeromesville, Ohio. She attended Grace College, earning her Bachelor's in Marketing and Communication. Elisa currently works as the Development Director at Wagon Wheel Center for the Arts and for fun she likes to organize (yes, organize), bake cheesecake, eat sushi, and sew costumes and vintage dresses.As some of the first recipients of Not Easily Broken's outpouring, Elisa and her husband Matt are especially passionate about NEB's premarital services. They have a goofy pup named Ace who loves meeting new people.


Heidi Bruner


Heidi grew up near Rochester, IN where she attended Tippecanoe Valley School and was in the Fulton County 4-H Horse and Pony Club for 8 years, serving as President for 2. She attended Grace College, graduating with honors in 2010, earning a Bachelor’s in Business Management. Heidi is in her 12th year at Lake City Bank working as a Retail Banking Loan Officer. She is honored to be a part of NEB ministries and through the strength of Jesus Christ she firmly believes that it will save relationships. Currently, Heidi resides in Akron, IN on a small farm with her 2 horses, 5 cats, and 1 dog.

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