We're gonna change the world...


God designed marriage to be beautifully spectacular - a living portrait of His immense, sacrificial love for His Bride, the church. But it requires a lot from us! Commitment, communication skills, effective conflict resolution tactics, an ability to look past your sinful spouse to see Jesus in those dark moments. And when these skills are lacking, when there is no support in place, a life line to reach for when things get tough, marriages are sometimes doomed before they even get started. 

In March 2016, God burdened our hearts for the state of the marriages around us. In the U.S.A. half of all marriages end in divorce, regardless of religious affiliation or practice. The state of Indiana has the 6th highest divorce rate in the nation, with three of its counties making the top ten list of divorce rates in our country. Marriages all around us are falling apart. The picture of God's love is being smeared and maligned. And it breaks our hearts. 

So what do we do? 

We intervene in marriages that are in crisis. We prepare engaged couples for healthy marriages. We teach communities, pastors, counselors, and business owners how to support thriving marriages.

We change the world. one marriage. one community. one state. one country at a time.

It is our desire to see every marriage equipped to be the story of the gospel in their community. And we do that most effectively by meeting with couples. Sitting with them, getting to know their stories. Listening to their pain, helping them resolve conflict, teaching them how to relate to each other emotionally, logically, and most importantly, out of a love defined by self sacrifice. 

It's a dedicated support system. A 24/7/365 life line. Another couple dedicated to your marriage's success, ready to pick up the phone, gather over dinner, or meet for a session whenever you need it. It is a professional and confidential service in an intimate, casual atmosphere.

And we want to teach other couples to do what we do.  It is our desire to train couples all over our country and around the world to be mentor couples, so that every state, every country has a group of dedicated couples that support the marriages in their churches and communities.  Not Easily Broken Ministries will be a growing group of mentor couples trained to offer crisis support and relationship skills education to couples all over the world. We are rewriting the narrative of marriages. By sitting with couples. By training other couples to be mentors. We are changing the world, one marriage at a time.