The Godhead

There is one God, uncreated and eternal, who exists in three persons known collectively as the Trinity - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

The three persons of the Godhead are equal, but function in distinct roles.

The Bible

These 66 books, divided into two testaments (Old & New), are the divinely inspired Word of God.

Collectively, these books compromise the final authority in all matters of life as it was intended to be, doctrine, and knowledge of God.

They were co-authored with the Holy Spirit by about 40 different human writers over a period of approximately 1,500 years.

Collectively they contain the gospel – the story of God’s redemptive plan for his creation through the sinless human life, death, & resurrection of His Son, the second person of the trinity, Jesus Christ.


Sin is any action, thought, or position of the heart, intentional or unintentional, that is not consistent with God’s commands, nature, and character. Sin creates relational separation between individuals and God, individuals and other people, and individuals and nature.

All people have been separated from God by sin and have incurred the punishment of death, both physical and spiritual. Spiritual death is the eternal relational separation of one’s spirit from God.

A predisposition toward sin is the natural state of all mankind, causing rifts not only in our relationship with God but also in our relationships with other human beings.


Salvation from spiritual death by relational separation in this life and the next is available as a free gift, offered by the grace of God and accessed through faith in the redemptive sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

Salvation creates a new legal status in the heavenly justice system for the believer, wherein she or he is declared righteous, an adopted child of God, & a co-heir with Jesus Christ to the glory and riches of God.

The Resurrection

In accordance with God’s plan, Jesus Christ was falsely accused of blasphemy by the Jewish religious leaders of his time, executed on a cross by the Roman governors at the request of these religious leaders, and buried. Three days later, he rose from death in a glorified body no longer subject to illness, injury, aging, or death.

Because of his sinless life, his sacrificial crucifixion, and his triumphant resurrection, death has been defeated and mankind now has access to eternal life.


While those who have faith in Christ’s death and resurrection have been declared legally righteous for all time in the eyes of God, righteousness of character is developed in this earthly life over time.

The primary method of this development is the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, in which the third person of the Trinity takes up residence in the heart of the believer, teaching her or him the truths of God’s will and character through spiritual communication and interaction.



Marriage is an institution created and appointed by God, originally designed to exist in a monogamous, lifelong commitment between one man and one woman. It serves two primary functions.

  • The first primary function is to craft a relationship that serves as a living, breathing picture of the relationship between Jesus Christ and the church – the global body of all believers. Both husband and wife will demonstrate Christ’s sacrificial love to the world and the self-sacrificial love the church offers him in response.

  • The second primary function is that of soldiers. The natural world has been degraded over human history by the presence of sin. Therefore, the fallen world, the sinful flesh, and the Devil work together as enemies of God to attempt to disrupt His agenda and will. Along with all believers, every married person is a soldier in this war. Married persons form a specific unit of soldiers, chosen by God to work together to carry out His will. The Devil and the enemies of God hate successful marriages and will do all in their power to destroy marriage relationships and disrupt the image of Jesus’ sacrificial love for His people.


Divorce is often seen as a viable fix today, but it was not part of God’s original plan for marriage. Marriage is difficult and the struggles that happen are to be expected. We are committed to helping couples prevent divorce whenever possible. If an already divorced person is remarried to a new spouse, the new marriage is the one that God prioritizes and works to enrich.

Gender & Sexuality

God created two biological genders/sexes, male and female, both created by God in His image. Humankind is not afforded the right or ability to define itself in this regard.

God designed male and female to be attracted to each other sexually, and heterosexuality is the only sexual orientation that does not create relational separation between humans and God when acted upon.

Homosexuality and other sexual orientations are not inherently sinful, although they are a result of the presence of sin in the world. In order to honor and obey the will of God, anyone of a non-heterosexual orientation must adhere to a life of celibacy.

Church & Community

Marriages were not designed by God to exist in isolation, but within the context of an intimate community.

While the Godhead does provide some of that community, the body of believers, globally and especially locally, known as the church, provides the bulk of this community in daily experience.

The local church is responsible to provide encouragement, support, & teaching to marriages within its congregation and community.